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released April 12, 2008



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Autopilot is for Lovers Portland

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Track Name: Dogs for Cats
Ghosts are only memories of dead strangers. I think your career may be in severe danger. After years having gone unread the books volunteered to burn themselves. Staunch believers, bleeding hearts. The snake that pulled itself together will just pull itself apart. All the fuss to stay alive when birds fly faster than you can drive. I shot the dogs to save the cats, the master always favors his pets. The fish became swimming tumors. I don't mind losing hope, I just hope I don't lose my sense of humor.
Track Name: Old Man
If growing old is a sin most lowly, we are all committing it slowly. Try to stop. I know an old man who stopped listening the second he hit six feet tall. Since 1943 he hasn't heard a word anyone's said to him, not at all. "They only tell me what I already know, O Lord, I am so bored".
Track Name: #1 Fan
Come home my friend. We'll let you be the town freak again. But over my dead body will I let you bury me alive again. Slap me across the country, look no hands. Remember my name it's Your Number One Fan. The whole wide rest of the world should treat you so bad. Goodbye, this is your lullaby, so maybe I can sleep again. On the East coast it's about 5:11, on the West coast 1997. Took two 747s a taxi and a bus but I can finally map out the distance between us. When all the love comes back from underneath the fame you'll still have my number. Til the day the deal falls through, I'll miss you. I'll miss you.
Track Name: Rusty Kettle
I tried to buy back my heart after I sold all my body parts. The lawyer said I had no legs to stand on, ha ha. So I made limbs out of cold metal. My head is an old rusty kettle. My mother said "You're not human anymore." I laughed and said, "I barely was before."
Track Name: Safe Sex
Scatter body parts all over your living room. Scatter body parts all over this town. I want to dance all night in the inside of your head. And my ghost will sleep on the cold side of your bed. I want a digital heart that beats magnetic blood, a vinyl heart that pumps celluloid. I wish I was born in a television, I wish I was raised on a dance floor.
Track Name: Pessimist
So think that the world is spinning too fast like a horse that tries to shake you off of its back. So you sit alone in your darkened room, where you go near no-one, no-one goes near you. The mice wait patiently for the men to die off, and all the people are all just moths, flying into flames and then forgetting. Lifetimes not learning the simplest lessons. But O, you make such a hard little fist for someone who does not even exist. I never thought that you'd turn out to be such a pessimist. When you open your eyes and come into the light, you will be warm and we will be holding you tight. Chasing bits of paper around and the missiles fly up and the missiles come down. And the only thing there is enough of is the dirt that we all will become. And I was born on the edge of a cliff, on the edge of a century. I wouldn't expect you to listen to somebody like me. But if you sleep you will not see the swifts in the sky. Do you think that you want to give this a try? When you open your eyes and come into the light, you will be warm and we will be holding you tight.
Track Name: No One Will Know
Know one will know if you never tell them. You don't have to say a word. Just let the years slide around you like the wind around a flying bird. Nobody has to recall your face. Burn all the pictures. Nobody has to remember your name. Ask them to please not mark your grave. And you can just go.... Nobody has to light any candles. You can see fine in the rain. He who spoke to no one caused no one pain. Any someone new will wear your clothes and someone will sleep in your bed. And someone new will eat with your forks but nobody will remember where they got them. So you can just go....