To The Wolves

by Autopilot is for Lovers

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released April 16, 2009

Recorded and produced by Paul Seely, mastered by Gus Elg at Sky Onion Studios.



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Autopilot is for Lovers Portland

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Track Name: Trust
Children are like dogs are like women are like the wind, they come around at first with a love that's free to give, just takes one bad day, one pint to many, one hard knock to the floor, their love isn't free anymore. Ask anyone
Track Name: Come Now
Winter and summer shake hands and agree it will be springtime for eternity. Gather round boys and girls, I own the very last snowflake on earth. Birds and flowers all love the sun, who would have thought she'd just burn up everyone? Come now. There's a needle in my coffee, sugar in my veins. The elements are still here but the molecules have changed. Set fire to the mountains and went back to bed. She will not rest til the rest of you are dead. Come now. Must stay on your good side through all of this so I'll have a friend in the apocalypse. No one new was born this spring, school's out forever and we haven't learned a thing.
Track Name: Pine Box Town
I'll tell you your future if you give me a deck of cards and all your fear. If you listen long enough they'll tell you everything you want to hear. The spirits sense your confusion and you've got their sympathy. You say you sense my delusion and I've got your sympathy. When you said you don't believe in hell you bought a one-way ticket there, and in turn you will burn but thank you for your concern. You'll go down down to Pine Box Town where the neighbors never say hello. You'll go south, south, straight to hell's mouth where you get chewed up but you don't get spit out. So settle all your scores. Win all your wars. Finish all your chores and send a prayer to the lord. Maybe the suicide was just to increase sales, send all checks to the netherworld. The only thing more dangerous than a bullet is a pack of angry girls. I regret to inform we have eaten the missionary alive, please send one with longer hair next time. For a new hero we would pay any price. The weakest link jumped down the kitchen sink he'll be your brand new Jesus Christ, he'll go...
Track Name: Bones
The bones that I broke riding a wild horse called youth they've all mended well, and I put them to good use. They clatter around the living room when I dance to the sound of your voice. They clatter around the kitchen when I dance to the sound of your voice. And when I am done with this small skeleton you can have it back. And when I am done with these small bones you can take them home. Give them to my husband, my mom and dad, give them to all the good friends I've had, give them to the mountains give them to the seas give them to the oceans give them to a new species.
Track Name: Shadows
Shadows are starting to get a little too proud. Shadows are starting to come on out in the middle of broad daylight, when the burning sun is up. Whatever happened to a good old fashioned cover-up? Could you not come up with a clever lie? Or do you hate us too much to bother to try? How much money does it take? How much money makes the mouse eat the snake? How much money bribes the young out of their youth? How much money turns a lie into truth? Oh God is the only really patient person I know, and even he's getting pissed, just so you know. For someone dripping with sympathy for the poor aborted you are building your castle on the heads of the unborn. For someone who talks of evolution so lowly you are doing it backwards, doing it slowly. Drag us backwards, kicking and screaming, by the hair and into the seas. Oh he will burn the forest to spite the trees. He is giving you strychnine to cure the disease.
Track Name: Biology
I will build my home in the coldest part of the sea. Pollution run through my veins, all bitter become salty. I forsake a biology that has forsaken me. I forgive a nature that will never forgive me. How could she die so young, laughing so hard on an iron lung. All of evolution's come undone. I will build my home in the belly of the volcano, lava run through my veins, my air will be the smoke. I forsake a biology that has forsaken me. I forgive a nature that will never forgive me. How could she die so young, laughing so hard on an iron lung. All of evolution's come undone. A million brides without grooms, I wish we could dance in the same room, I wish we could learn to laugh on cue.
Track Name: The Last Good Time
Take an order and follow it. Take an order and swallow it. Your belly's got nothing inside except a piece of bread an all your pride. And if you've lost all hope there are exciting new ways to be a misanthrope, we can all drown separately in same great big dirty sea. That machine in your chest keeps on going, is so useless. I guess we're going to have to learn to love this mess we're in. But I digress, don't feel bad, this is the last good time we'll ever have. The poets are being questioned. Strike every beautiful thing from the record. The soul is just a ghost inside a machine that serves the soup and keeps the kitchen clean. The captain's mad, the ship is lost, but the band keeps playing on and on and on and on....
Track Name: Heaven
Everyone will be there. Did you ever try to count them up, all the people you've ever loved?